Saucy salad 🌞

This was very yummy 😋 made with Cos lettuce, chopped carrots, some raw corn, red quinoa, chicken breast, cucumber and crushed almond nuts. 

I fried the chicken in coconut oil and added the prevooked quinoa (to cook quinoa I just put a little bit into a mug and then poor in some water so that it covers the quinoa then I pop it into the microwave- checking every one minute. If the water evaporates, add more. It usually takes about 8-10 minutes. If it isn’t cooked properly it makes your tummy sore. Red quinoa isn’t as soft as white quinoa. It has more of a crunchy texture). I chopped all my other ingredients and then tossed them all together. 

For the sauce I just mixed some olive oil and low sodium soy sauce 😍 it was really tasty. My brother ended up stealing it and finishing it 😂🙈🎉 hope you like it x 


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