I love this CiTy 🌃 (Capetown, CT) 

If you follow me on Instagram you would have noticed that I recently ventured to my favorite citaayy in the world… I’ve been to lots of places; London, New York, Melbourne, Israel, Italy… I’ve been to a few (not loads but a few) and I’m just gonna say that capetown is by far one of the best, and definitely my favorite. 

After living there for a year and loving the copious amounts of enthralling activities and of course, restaurants on restaurants on restaurants… honestly, returning for a quick food expedition with my dashing man, felt like heaven. I wanted to jot down and blog about some of the places we went to from the bad to the good and a little bit of the in between. 

I’m not someone who often sits down and does nothing; I’m always doing something; mostly things of little importance but always something and I feel like capetown is a place where there’s so much happening day and night, it’s buzzing! You’ve got the mountain on one side and the sea on the other and then you get me bouncing into every cool place between the two. It’s definitely vastly different from the rest of South Africa, unfortunately. I don’t think we stopped exploring the whole time we were there. The one day we walked 20km around Clifton, campsbay and sea point. My legs were on fire the next day. 

Another unfortunate event is that I chose to leave capetown as I was offered an amazing opportunity in Pretoria where I currently live and am above and beyond happy with my life, my degree, my body, my way of living… it took some time to get there but that’s a story for another day… 

If you’re lucky enough to live in capetown or be visiting there soon here are a few snazzy restaurants/cafes/activities we had a lot of fun experiencing. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to eat right and well in this city. I was so impressed. If you’re not choosing the healthy option and you live there you have to ask yourself why. I know in some places it’s so hard as not a lot of places cater for that sort of lifestyle but in capetown- my goodness there are so many restaurants, cafes and shops that have all the stuff I only wish I had around me in pta. 

1. Top of my list is definitely Schekters Raw, although I only got to experience it for a short while since I got there just before they closed; I loved every second. From the basic but beautiful wooden backdrop to the vibrant bright colors and the simplistic feel of the whole place. Although the kitchen was about to close they still offered to make my meal for me and allow me to sit and eat it in house, I didn’t feel rushed at all. I noticed the sugar they have on their tables was raw coconut sugar and I use that at home and LOVE it so I appreciated that a lot. I ordered their “Best Vegan Burger (BVB)” and I’ve gotta say that now my life is a little bit sadder because every burger I ever eat again will definitely be a disappointment as this really did make my taste buds dance (my mouths watering writing this). It was so damn good! Their presentation= perfect 👌🏼, I couldn’t fault their sweet little restaurant and wished to turn back and order the same thing again immediately but Michael insisted we walked on. 

2. Jarryd’s Eatery…wow 

I have never tasted mac n cheese that is even nearly on the same level as this. I’m not even a pasta fan at all but I couldn’t help repeatedly poking my fork over to Michaels plate. Mac n Cheese with truffle oil- you’ve gotta try it. I also couldn’t get enough of their coconut chia late- definitely a winner. I’ve had one at Tasha’s and it just doesn’t even compare. What I also really liked about Jarryd’s was it’s eloquence, it’s top class and very unique menu. They didn’t have food that you would be able to find on many other menus and their paring of flavors was very intriguing and unexpected. I would have liked to have gone back there and tried out the whole menu but I ran out of time. The only criticism I have of them is that there portions weren’t big enough. I just wanted more of everything 🙈😂 

3. The hungry herbivore, this is a vegan restaurant but I don’t want to tell you that because so many people hear the word Vegan and act as if it’s a scary place to visit, I make so many vegan dishes at home that you’d never even realize were vegan if I didn’t tell you. Michael ordered a pasta with a cashew sauce with broccoli and mushrooms and he was so surprised with how much he enjoyed it because he was skeptical at first to try it ( because it was vegan) and only came to accompany me. I ordered their raw pizza and sweet potato fries. The sweet potato fries at schekters raw were nicer as they were less oily but the pizza was so tasty- it was very peculiar at first as I’d never had such a crunchy pizza crust but I actually ended up loving it because often vegan pizza bases or carb free bases are soggy and I personally know how hard it is to get them just right so I was really impressed with their crunchy biscuit like consistency. I also ordered a matcha late which was perfect; so often at all of these other franchise places they use a sweetened powdered version of matcha which is like false matcha. They load it with so much sweetener that it basically defeats the whole purpose of its healthy benefits. So if your matcha tastes sweet and you haven’t added any sweetener to it then be aware as they’re fooling you. Matcha is anything but sweet. This was perfect and delicious. I often hate eating out because I can never find something that I like nor can I find something with ingredients I would use at home, everything has so much added sugar or so much dairy or refined sugar or gluten and heavy carbs but on this menu I could have ordered everything. 

4. This one isn’t actually a restaurant it was just something I definitely encourage you to do because it was such a relaxing experience and it really does allow you to breathe in the whole of capetown whilst getting your sweat on. I grabbed some healthy snacks like date balls and primal bars from wellness warehouse plus some fruit from woolies…and last but not least some kombucha (I discovered a new favorite brand which is Brew Kombucha but it does taste a lot sweeter than all the other brands that I’ve tasted so I’m not sure if they add some sort of sweetener, I’ll need to do some more research). I couldn’t believe how readily available kombucha was in this city. I could order it at nearly all the restaurants we went to. If you live in capetown and you haven’t tried this stuff- you need to sort that out. It’s so good for you! Anyways… we bought this stuff and then hiked up lions head which was one of my highlights of the trip. Last time we hiked up table mountain and that’s a pretty heavy hike but the lions head hike is more gentle and very enjoyable. It took us just over 40 minutes, we were huffing and puffing as the air got thinner towards the top but our picnic with a view made it all worth it. 

5. Yours truly- I strongly dislike fake plants and flowers it just takes away everything beautiful about flowers and replaces them with plastic, I mean come on. This place is filled with beautiful greenery, plants hanging from the roof and chilling on shelves; it was so refreshing. It was pumping from 6am to 10pm. Michael and I both had sandwiches which contained fresh and raw ingredients. I liked that they served everything raw as sometimes cooking food actually destroys the nutrients and all the stuff we add to it can prevent us from digesting it properly. Although their food was raw it didn’t lack flavor at all. Michael loved this place and this time I had to drag him away. It was gorgeous and honestly could be visited and enjoyed any time of the day. 

6. Sexy Food: I really enjoyed the atmosphere a lot more than hungry herbivore. I loved the large raw wood tables and the rose quartz crystals and all of the other zen paraphernalia, I could have sat in there all day it was so soothing. I enjoyed their food too. All their meals have live probiotics which was something I hadn’t tried before and I was a wee bit skeptical to try, but it was delicious and I ended up taking a bottle of their kefir home with me to use in smoothies etc. 

7. The Food market at the waterfront; I had the rice paper wraps that I shared on instagram, I make these quite a bit at home and they are delicious, I enjoyed the mango and chicken one with a peanut sauce… wasn’t a huge fan of the tofu one. Fun fact: soy isn’t all that good for you, processed soy like tofu and soy milk etc actually messes with your bodies natural hormones especially for woman. I also had a smoothie made with raspberries, agave nectar and coconut yoghurt that was made right there in capetown. It was super! 

8. Another beautiful restaurant at the waterfront; the Life Grand Cafe. We have a few of these in and around Pretoria and I do enjoy their food but this one was by far the best. It’s right on the water where you can spot the seals and enjoy the light sea breeze, utterly blissful. I ordered the sushi (tuna and black rice) and Michael ordered a pizza. Both of us said we would definitely recommend and return to this restaurant for the same meal and for the atmosphere. We sat there for a long time just enjoying the sunset, the scenery and the food. 

9. Truth Coffee… I Love this place! It’s so authentic and vibrant with its bursting personality and out of this world coffee! Michael had their iced coffee and I’m sure fell in love with it. We also had their mushrooms on toast which inspired me to buy these same mushrooms and incorporate them in some dishes at home. This place is a must go to. They also have kombucha on the menu for those who don’t drink coffee (I gave up coffee about a month ago now so I was super pleased to find this babe of a drink on the menu). 

10. Myog- I fell head over heals in love with this frozen yoghurt place whilst I lived in capetown and unfortunately I’ve never found another place like it closer to home. I love their natural flavors that don’t taste artificial and nasty. I personally enjoyed the almond butter flavor and their plain flavor. I’m Not gonna lie I had this like 5 times during the three days we were there.🙈😂 their motto is “guilt free yoghurt” so I ain’t gonna feel guilty about going there so often… because it’s delicious. 

11. I’m a huge fan of Woolworths, I love their look, I adore their fresh fruit and veggies, their organic versions of all things make my life, their kitchenware is the bomb, I really can’t fault them so when I heard they opened a new cafe called “Now Now” I was so keen to try it out but I was a little bit disappointed as it sort of felt like I was in a McDonald’s… I do Understand their concept of fast, healthy food for people on the go or people who just want to pop in and grab something quickly but I couldn’t stop feeling like I was in a basic fast food restaurant…their service was very good and I was helped and fed within just a couple of minutes so if you’re a business woman in that area it could be wonderful for you, wasn’t for me though. 

There were so many more restaurants on my list that I didn’t get to try but I’ll save them for next time. If there are any super restaurants that you know of in capetown or in Pretoria or even joburg let me know so I can check them out ❤


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