Where to eat in Melbourne!

These are a few places we visited- places for ultimate #FOODIES. There were so many places on my list to visit and unfortunately I could not visit them all this time but there’s always next time, which will hopefully be soon. I hope this is helpful if you are looking for a good food place to eat at in Melbourne or if you’re just having a squiz at what we got up to- I hope you enjoy it too.

**Listed from best to worst**

1. Serotonin Eatery

Everything about this place was gorgeous. From the actual swings in the restaurant to the staff, never mind the MENU! This was the best restaurant I’ve ever been to and I’m sure if you follow me you know I go to A LOT of restaurants. The ethos of this restaurant was one that I really appreciated – Good, wholesome, plant based, organic food!

2. Matcha Mylkbar

A whole restaurant centered around MATCHA (green tea powder) – sounds like the dream and indeed it was. It’s incredible how creative vegan/ paleo/ Health chefs are. They have to create recipes that taste delicious and look more than appealing without using sugar, gluten, artificial flavors, dairy, sometimes eggs and everything that usually makes most recipes taste good with the expensive of all the junk included. They do an amazing job! This place is in St. Kilda right next to the beach. We had a phenomenal breakfast and then walked our full bellies over to the beach and along the promenade before catching the tram back into the city center.

3. Urban Projuice

The sweet little restaurant was recommended to me by a family member and I’m so glad she told me about it. I ordered the snickers smoothie bowl… I craved that same smoothie bowl for days afterwards. It was delish! Michael had the pancakes- he has become a pancake connoisseur. He had pancakes at every place we went to. (He said the ones at Serotonin Eatery were the best). We went to the South Melbourne market after we had eaten here because they were close to each other.

4. Strawberry picking in Blairgowrie

I know this isn’t really a good place, although they do have a small restaurant there, but it was one of the best things we did whilst we were in Melbourne. I’ve never tasted such juicy and delicious strawberries. If you’re going to take a trip to Blairgowrie – this should definitely be on your list of things to do!

5. Tall Timber

This was a warm and cozy cafe. We didn’t have a meal but the menu was lovely. Michael had their cheesecake and then ordered another one to take home because it was so good.

Because Tall Timber is in Prahran – I’d definitely suggest checking out the Prahran food market!

6. Laneway Greens

We found this place by mistake- it looked so inviting and humble, so we walked in and had a quick bite to eat and Michael had a coffee. I didn’t take many photos of it because it wasn’t on my foodie list of places to go but it was a sweet restaurant. If you walk passed it and your quite hungry – they’re a good place to go but I wouldn’t go out of my way to find it.

7. Legacy Camberwell

To be honest I didn’t really enjoy this restaurant that much. I didn’t like their food or the atmosphere but I’ll pop the pictures up and if you’re in the area you could check it out and see for yourself. I am very fussy so maybe it’s just me. If you want to check out another restaurant there is one called Miss Frank also in Camberwell that looks amazing.

Melbourne is jam packed with amazing food places to visit. I fell in love with the city because of how easy it was to be healthy and how there were restaurants and shops all over the place that supported my lifestyle of truly healthy, wholesome but still tasty and exciting, eats. There were so many places we still wanted to visit but we ran out of time. I’ll leave a list of them below. If you’ve visited any restaurants that I haven’t listed and you think are amazing please let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading. Please like/ share/ comment – it really supports my blog xx THANK YOU

Places still on our list

  • Left Field – Carnegie
  • The Alleyway – Heidelberg
  • The TradesmanMoorabbin
  • Brighton Soul – Brighton
  • Fresh Organic Foods – Richmond

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