How to start a healthy diet you love! How to get a six pack?!

Since it’s the start of the year and everyone is making new goals, Ive been getting A LOT of questions about how to start being healthy or how to get into a good gym routine. These were some tips I gave a lady who asked . It’s not very specific it’s just a general outline. If there are any other specific // personal questions you’d like to ask please feel free to do so on here or on Instagram xx

I would suggest trying to eat better. Eat a lot of veggies // big salads // increase your protein intake. If you find it hard to eat at the office – try have breakfast at home. One with eggs, spinach, bacon, sourdough bread, tuna. Or a smoothie with protein or something that has a good balance between protein / carbs / healthy fats. Lunch is suppose to be your biggest meal – so having a massive salad with chicken // tuna // steak and a variety of veggies (mixed greens // sweet potato ) or something that’s healthy that will fill you up is good.

My ideal breakfast – I’m obsessed with protein smoothies, choc protien, nut butter, banana, maca powder, chia seeds, coconut yoghurt.

My ideal lunch – chicken breast or tuna, rocket, spinach, sweet potato, quinoa, lemon juice, paprika, cayenne pepper, cucumber, carrots, radish, Avo, chickpeas. I love my salads and I love my smoothies because it’s so easy to jam pack so many nutrients into them. Eat the rainbow.

To lose weight – you do have to be in a calorie deficit so you can either eat less or you can exercise more. I like having a good balance between the two. They work hand in hand. For me I don’t focus on cutting calories – I focus on eating to be healthy. Eating foods that really make me feel like a million bucks. Often those foods do help you lose weight because you’re cutting things like refined carbs (bread/ chips / doughnuts / pizza / burger buns ) out and you’re avoiding high sugary foods. By being mindful of what you’re eating you can cut your calories whilst still being full and eating enough. For example instead of eating two hamburger rolls or a pizza you could eat two chicken breasts and a salad and you would feel just as full but you would have probably eaten less calories and the meal would have been healthier. Often people do lose weight when they choose the healthier foods.

The diet that works best for me and my body is a paleo based diet. I don’t follow it as strictly as I use to but when I did, I found that I saw huge changes in my body. All good ones. Another thing that helps with diet is to be very strict for a couple of months and stick to it best you can and notice how you feel. Like for real- make a conscious effort to create that connection with your mind and body and how what you put into it changes how you look and more importantly; how you feel. So this is what I do – I don’t eat dairy ( I use dairy substitutes like almond milk // either buy or make my own) I don’t eat refined sugars. If I need something sweet I use fruits. (High sugary fruits like plums // bananas // mangos // grapes. Don’t fill up on fruit though. Only use it as a snack or if you’re craving sugar) your body will crave things at first but I believe there’s always a healthier substitute that will curb the cravings. I try avoid gluten and refined carbs like bread etc. sugar // carbs // dairy are the 3 main things I try avoid. At the same time I eat a lot of veggies // a lot of leafy greens but I also include a wide variety of different veg everyday. I eat a lot of chicken breast and fish as my protein source and I take a protein smoothie with berries (berries have the least amount of sugar so they are good) or other fruits and superfood powders probably once a day. I find it easier to get my daily protein in that way. I don’t starve myself (don’t do that!! It slows down your metabolism, it’s not fun, it’s not good for you at all and it can cause depression. It’s the start of a bad cycle. Please don’t do it) don’t over eat either but if you do on a certain day – it’s not tragic. It’s fine. It’s not the end of the world. What I try do sometimes is carb cycling – if I eat a lot of carbs, by chance, on one day then the next day I make sure I eat no carbs at all. This helps your body use fat and carbs as an energy source instead of storing it.

If you do have a bad day of eating (we all do) it’s fine!!! Just get back on track ASAP!!! Try make sure your week as a whole is a good week. One meal won’t ruin your whole week of good eating. You want to enjoy your diet. You want to eat things that make you happy and you want it to be a lifestyle. It does take time but your taste buds and your cravings change and you will crave and love healthier foods eventually. For me, like I said, the main goal is to be healthy, to enjoy making // creating the food, understanding why I’m eating the food I do and understanding what it does for me. Knowledge is power. I started eating the way I do to balance my hormones. It wasn’t about losing weight, it wasn’t about muscle tone but that came with the healthy eating and regular exercise. You don’t have to track calories and weigh your chicken breast (to me that isn’t just enjoying food and creating a good relationship with it), it’s about being more mindful of the quality of your food, about the quantity, about the nutrients, about the positive effect on your body & mind. It’s about the healing effects of food. It’s about building a relationship with food that you love. It takes time. It takes effort but it’s worth it.

Okay so that’s the food side.

For exercise- find something you love (yoga // running // crossfit // Gym // swimming // dancing // aerobics //boxing) and do it as often as you can. As often as your body wants to. I try and do a little bit of exercise everyday but on weekends I don’t really do much. I gym about 3-4 times a week, maximum 6 times. I saw the biggest change in my body when I started crossfit. Because it’s High intensity, you burn a lot of calories which is good if you want to lose weight. A lot of people think with crossfit and weights that you’re going to get buff (that part comes from your diet. If you eat to gain then you’ll gain. If you eat clean and to stay lean then you won’t bulk up) I love crossfit because they also teach you about technique which is nice if you’re a newbie to the gym. They teach you how to be strong and use your body weight and strength. My strength and muscle tone improved so much. I did bbg and the results were slow but it was also a nice because it gave me a routine and a bit more knowledge about exercises but compared to crossfit it was too easy and slow moving. I got bored of it. They also do a lot of cardio so that’s good too. I did yoga once or twice a week a long with the crossfit. It helped with stiffness // muscle fatigue // lengthening of muscles and relaxation. Sometimes I go for a run or do skipping. That for me was the best combo and I loved it. It was a good mixture of exercises. (Since moving I haven’t found a crossfit box and I’m still getting into a routine but I can’t wait to get back to it). Crossfit was always challenging, it’s also a nice way to meet people. It was never boring and I pushed myself so much harder in the crossfit class than I did when I was gyming by myself. If you do the same thing everyday – you get bored and you get over it. So try mix it all up. Do things that you love.

Basically with exercise you want to do a little everyday with 3 big days a week. You want to use as many muscles as you can in all sorts of ways. You want to truly use your body. I enjoy a good mix between weights and cardio. Six pack goals – best is to just stick to it – keep going. With both weights and cardio. Crossfit helped my muscle tone and also DIET is a massive component. Having a good balance between fats / carbs / protein at every meal changes your body composition, so less body fat and more muscle tone. It takes time. It really does but LOVE the journey and take photos (instead of using the scale) to notice how your body changes over the months. When I use to weigh myself it use to make me sad because every time I looked at the scale it went up but everyone I knew said “wow you’ve lost weight. Because of muscle tone I looked slimmer and better but I put on nearly 7kg **muscle weighs more than fat** It took me 3 months to even start noticing a change in my body. Just keep going!! It’s a lifestyle it has to be something you work at a little bit by little bit for the rest of your life ❤️❤️

I’m so sorry if that was an overload of info or if it was too general. Please if you have Qs, let me know. If you found this helpful please like // share because it really supports my blog and let’s me know what you guys like xx


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