How to be more earth friendly?

I go on about the importance of looking after our bodies, being mindful of what we put in them and on them, as so much of what we eat and what we use is heavily contaminated with toxins. It’s just as important to look after our planet and to be mindful of the toxins we are pumping into it and around it. Faithful to nature are running a campaign, focusing on how we are faithful to nature and drawing attention to more ways that we could become more tentative to what we are doing for the earth. It really got me thinking of the ways I was already kind to our planet and got me wondering how much more I could do.

I grew up in Botswana, we own a plot in the bush with a river a couple of meters away. Walking my dogs around there, watching my chocolate lab gallop and wade through the river always makes me the happiest. We’ve lived there for 13 years. The bush is my place of comfort and instantly makes me feel more relaxed. Often my sister and I pick up litter on our walks but this section isn’t about that, it’s about what “nature” means to me. My love for animals and plants extends far beyond the words I can write on a small blog post. Ever since I was young I’d save little animals and creatures that flew or hopped into my path. I had a little moth that was dying when I was young that I named Jess, even when she had unfortunately passed on I would not let my mom throw her away. Since then we’ve saved birds, a baby seal, rabbits, butterflies, beetles that land in the pool, little mice, lizards, snakes, spiders, dogs, cats, ferrets, Chinchilla’s, you name it.

Growing up in Africa, mostly Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa, I’ve had amazing opportunities to spend a lot of time outside and really understand and appreciate how phenomenal our planet and the creatures on it are. Over December we went to Zimbabwe, Bulawayo and we were able to track and walk alongside a male rhino for about an hour. It was truly amazing.

I went to Treverton school for high school, in the midlands (in the middle of nowhere really). I didn’t realize how lucky I was to be there at the time but I miss the fields and fields of green grass, the damn, the wildlife center, the snow. I’m very grateful I got to go to a school that was centered around outdoor activities like hiking, swimming the mid mar mile, doing mud mans and other triathlons. It was a privilege and something I’m very grateful for to have been able to experience the Drakensberg for a couple of days, bathing in fresh and freezing water, hiking for hours, getting to the top. Creating little, controlled fires to cook on. Being dirty the whole time and sort of loving it. Pitching a tent, sleeping in caves, watching the stars, coming across the Buck (Eland) that lived there. I didn’t realize back then how much I would crave that feeling again now.

I love being outside, I love the dirt, the soil, the magnificent mountains, the ocean. I got my deep sea diving license when I was in Mozambique 2 years ago. I’ve been diving since I was 13. Like the bush, but in a completely different way, it is so tranquil and relaxing. It’s like being in another world. Learning about the many many species of fish, coral, Nudibranchs and all the other crazy little creatures that live under there. There are no words to describe how beautiful it is. Spending time with nature, learning how things are, never understanding how it’s possible for such things to even exist, has made me appreciate it and create a deep connection with it. It makes me who I am. I am my happiest self when I am with my animals, hiking, diving, watching the birds catch worms in my garden, walking my dogs, swimming in the ocean, running on the beach (when I lived in capetown- that was my favorite thing to do, run on the beach), I’m a little obsessed with all animals, all little creatures (except cockroaches to be honest, I’m not a gigantic fan of those). I try and appreciate each little creature, each thing that exists for what it is, what it does for our world, the small role it plays in the ecosystem, the environment. I appreciate the difference and existence of all the creatures and living things around the world and i understand how important it is for us to look after them.

It’s very sad to think and watch the way sin which our earth and all the beautiful things about it are slowly being abused and taken for granted. A very very good documentary I watched was “Before the flood”, I recommend it.

Here are a few of the ways I am helping our sweet and undervalued planet and a few more things I’d like to try implement in my home over the next few months


  • I buy from local farmers markets that support organic and free range produce. I buy from Jackson’s real food market which also takes very good care of small local farmers and all their produce is top quality. Most of it is organic and free range.
  • I collect rain water in an old dustbin to water my plants with
  • I have planted some veggies and herbs
  • I use an organic tooth brush and have recently bought one for Michael (my partner) to use as well. They can be found on faithful to nature
  • I use steel/ bamboo and glass straws instead of the plastic ones. I Cary a bamboo one in my handbag.
  • I carry an eco fabric fold up shopping bag in my hand bag that I purchased from Jackson’s real food market. It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought. I feel so good every time I whip it out and explain that I defs do not want a plastic one.
  • I use earth and animal friendly shampoo and conditioner
  • Almost all of our furniture in our house is made out of recycled pallet wood that my mom makes out of pallets and old things that people don’t use anymore. She’s amazing.
  • I keep an eco cup in my car for when I get takeaway tea on campus.
  • I let our clothes sun dry rather than use the tumble dryer
  • I have recently purchased reusable produce bags to put my veggies into. I purchased these in faithful to nature
  • My house is filled with lots of plants. All kinds that encourage more birds and bees to visit our garden.
  • I don’t eat any red meat and often do vegan meals. I don’t support the dairy industry.

Things I’d like to do:

  • Start a compost heap
  • Start a warm farm
  • Have a whole lot of veggie boxes to grow vegetables and herbs around the back of my house
  • But a Menstraul cup
  • Reduce the amount of plastic I use overall
  • Spend more time outside, walking, running, yoga.
  • Reduce my waste.

If you have any suggestions of ways to help our planet please let me know in the comments below or on instagram @jordyns_channel

Check @faithfultonature out as well. Their online store is amazing and is filled with many products that can help you help our Planet.



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