The desk stand

I spend a lot of time on my computer or staring at notes and having the DeskStand has been a really great help. Having the option of standing whilst working was a real blessing. My back gets so sore from sitting so being able to stand but still get the work done, is a real treat.

The DeskStand takes 20 seconds to set up (I timed it) and is very easy to use, easily moveable and adjustable. Pop it on top of your desk or dining room table and you’re good to go.

If you are someone who spends many hours at a desk, sitting, I would definitely recommend the desk stand for you. By increasing the amount of hours you spend standing gradually, you get use to the standing. The standing desk also comes with a mat that prevents your feet from aching whilst standing and prevents fatigue from standing.

Really happy with the DeskStand and how it works xx

Click here to visit their website and maybe get one of your own!


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