3 Day cleanse / fast

I recently did a 3 day fast with Vibrant health. It was a bit of a frightening idea at first, to not eat for 3 days. I’ve never not eaten for 3 days! I had done intermittent fasting and two 24 hour fasts prior to the 3 day fast. Below I will share my experience.

I did the fast with Vibrant Health,  I used their Cleanse powder which is designed specifically for fasting and cleansing. click here to view the product I used. You can also use the discount code “JOR20” to get 20% off.

If you have a history with mental or physical illness please consult a professional before doing a fast.

There is a 1 day cleanse, 3 day cleanse, 6 day cleanse and a 9 day cleanse.


My Experience:

I did one week of intermittent fasting (from Monday to Friday) using the cleanse drink prior to doing the 3 day fast from Saturday to Tuesday. I speak about the benefits of intermittent fasting very often on my Instagram channel and will be sharing some more about that soon.

The aim of the fast is to completely cleanse your body and offer a kind of “reset” for the body. It also aims to keep your cells in autophagy mode which is a cellular repair mode and aids the cells in removing cellular waste. To reach a state within the body  where excretion (of toxins and metabolic waste) exceeds accumulation, it is most effective to restrict intake whilst accelerating elimination. Vibrant cleanse work to eliminate toxins and pollutants that are stored in adipose tissue (fat tissue), these substances are then released into the blood stream and are eliminated by the body. It is possible to feel slightly ill at first as the toxins are released and circulating, especially if you are someone who has a lot of toxins and pollutants in your body but as the body excretes them you’ll start to feel really good. I was able to experience the benefits of the 3 day fast quite quickly because i had done a full week of intermittent fasting where I fasted for 16 hours a day. Also I love trying new things and am happy to be challenged mentally and physically. This was challenging.

Day 1: 

Day 1 was probably the hardest but I found that the more busy I was, the less I thought about food. Which helped me understand that often I eat because I am bored and not because I’m actually hungry. I think a lot of our “hunger” is because of all the little triggers we get; smells, banners, food pictures, advertisements that encourage us to feel like we need food when we aren’t even hungry. I was able to do 2 hours of exercise on this day as well and felt fine. I was a little bit grumpy in the evening and felt slightly hungry but the feeling went away.

When we get that feeling of “hunger” it’s called Dyspepsia which is when there’s an accumulation of stomach acid and eating food causes the stomach to empty. That’s why you may eat a big meal in the evening and then wake up and feel that burning, hunger feeling. You may have a lot of stomach acid. It can also be caused by a bacterial over growth in the GIT (gastrointestinal tract) or an unbalanced PH. Taking a probiotic, eating more fermented foods, reducing your carbohydrate or doing a cleanse can help.

Day 2: 

I felt good, I felt happy and energized. Drinking the cleanse about 6 times a day and drinking lots of water kept me hydrated. When I saw people around me eating, I wanted to eat too and often I did think about breaking the fast and then I remembered why I chose to do it in the first place, my body deserved this, I wasn’t punishing myself or my body by not eating, I was offering my body some much needed time to heal, to reset, to detox. Food would be there after 3 days time. Food wasn’t going anywhere. I wasn’t hungry at all when I wasn’t thinking about if I should be hungry or not or when I wasn’t reminded about food. I didn’t feel physically hungry or starving. I don’t think we’ve ever felt that in our lives but so often we say “I’m starving, I’m so hungry” and often we think we are hungry out of habit. We wake up and have breakfast, we’ve been doing that our whole lives, now when you skip breakfast, you’re out of routine and your body feels that. You feel like you’re starving by 10 am because you usually eat at 8 am but as time goes on and you started eating at 10 am everyday, you wouldn’t feel hungry at 8 am. Your body gets use to things.

I missed the feeling of eating because eating is a social thing. Some of us have a relationship with food where we rely on food to comfort us, it’s a temporary pleasure.  It is possible to be addicted to the feeling of chewing and eating.

It was a constant test on my discipline and the power of my mind. There was food everywhere, all the time. I was making food for my partner and I could have easily just popped something into my mouth and I did have like mini fights within my own mind, a part of me saying “just eat it” and then the other part saying “no”. I’m grateful to myself that I had enough discipline to settle on the “no” and again honor the decision I made when I started, before tempting food was put in my path.

Day 3:

I felt better than ever.

When we eat our body uses a lot of energy to digest food. When we eat sugary foods, lots of refined and processed foods, our bodies have to use even more energy to break down the food and to reverse the effects sugar has done on our blood glucose levels.  That’s why we feel very fatigued because we are putting so much strain on your bodies all of the time and it has to work extra hard to eliminate all the toxins we keep choosing to put into it and instead of providing the right fuel to nourish the body, we choose food that stresses the body even more. Often when people switch over to whole food diets they experience a change in their energy levels, now that the body isn’t constantly digesting and eliminate all the pollutants and refined foods, it can now focus on balancing hormones, etc. and we often feel better because we are getting the right nutrients that our bodies need and can utilize.

I felt like I had a lot of energy even though I was only drinking the cleanse drink. I wanted to eat but I was craving real food, I was craving salads and vegetables. I said to myself, “If I had enough discipline to not eat anything at all for 3 days, I could choose to fill my body with healthy food when I did start eating again. The fast really helped me understand that you always have a choice, no one forces you to eat sugar or copious amounts of refined and processed foods. You can say “no”. Temptation will always be around and you can make excuses and use that as one of them or you can make firm decisions and stick to them. The more you practice saying “no”, the easier it becomes and you realize that you can say no, it’s okay to say no. When someone offers you a doughnut and you kind of want it but you also know that you don’t really want it, you can say no. Did you want a doughnut before someone asked you or before you saw it? Probably not. Our bodies do not crave doughnuts, we do not need doughnuts, it’s a mental thing or possibly an addiction and the only person who can control that is you. I’m not saying never ever eat a doughnut, I’m just saying there’s a limit and you need to be aware of exceeding the limit. Often we know when we have gone too far and we feel sick about it. We know we shouldn’t have eaten a whole bag of chips but we chose to and instead we should have just said no and forgotten about the chips.

I know the relationship a lot of us have with food is very complicated and it’s different for everyone but what I really liked about this fast was how much control I realized I had over everything that did or didn’t go into my mouth. It was a great cleanse for my body, my body felt good but it was even better for my mind.

The first meal I had when I broke my fast was a salad which was exactly what I felt like. I would recommend trying some sort of fasting to everyone as I really enjoyed it and felt a really positive change within me because of it.