Banana loaf (paleo)

I’ve been so quiet, I feel like I’m always apologizing for it and here I go… apologizing again. So sorry guys you know how life and sitting at a desk, studying or working your bum off kinda holds you back from the kitchen and creating Snazzy recipes… id much rather spend my day listening to […]

I love this CiTy 🌃 (Capetown, CT) 

If you follow me on Instagram you would have noticed that I recently ventured to my favorite citaayy in the world… I’ve been to lots of places; London, New York, Melbourne, Israel, Italy… I’ve been to a few (not loads but a few) and I’m just gonna say that capetown is by far one of […]

Saucy salad 🌞

This was very yummy 😋 made with Cos lettuce, chopped carrots, some raw corn, red quinoa, chicken breast, cucumber and crushed almond nuts.  I fried the chicken in coconut oil and added the prevooked quinoa (to cook quinoa I just put a little bit into a mug and then poor in some water so that […]