About me & the blog


Hi there, welcome to my page…

I started my page about a year ago because I was diagnosed with PCOS and my doctor prescribed artificial hormones but after trying them, and disliking them; I decided to try a more holistic approach. I focussed on eating wholesome and healthy foods, and exercising regularly, I managed to cure myself of my symptoms. I am so happy I did it this way because I’ve been able to create a beautiful connection with my body. I am now able to understand more of what my body likes and how it reacts to certain foods. I am constantly experimenting with different diets, different holistic health remedies, biohacking ideas, etc. I’m very open to trying new things and taking note of how my body responds to those things. I want to be able to offer advice and create content through my own experience. I also do a lot of researching, reading about all sorts of health related topics, holistic cures, diets, etc. and share a lot of my findings on my blog and Instagram.

I’ve had minor mental health issues, I’ve hated my body and my life in the past and since starting this journey- I have been absolutely in love with life and in love with learning and with every day living. I study medical science, I have done a diploma in psychology and I am busy with my nutrition diploma. I wanted to start this page to help other people (mostly woman) heal themselves holistically, fall in love with taking care of themselves, provide healthy alternatives and recipes, offer nutrition advice as well as offer a space for people to ask questions or chat about things they may be feeling or wondering.

I hope this website inspires you to become a healthier you and starts you on the path of self acceptance, improvement and love. Or even helps you cure yourself of your own autoimmune symptoms that you’ve been struggling with for decades. You don’t have to become a health freak over night; just making small changes and achieving small victories can make a huge difference.